Thursday, November 4, 2010

Web Testing

Have had a bit of fun doing some web testing over the last week. Mostly I work on internal systems, so don't get to have fun with user interfaces.

I've been using Selenium RC, with the aid of Selenium IDE in Firefox to figure out some XPath details.

A couple of things that I've learn't over the last couple of weeks:

  • Using XPath to get elements in Internet Explorer is super slow.
  • Selenium RC is great, but it's great to have the IDE just to test out roadblocks
  • The .Click event mimicks a keypress on an element instead of a mouse click - I found some screen reader popups that only appear with keypress.
  • You can't interact with Print / Save dialogs directly (although there are other tools for testing these components)
My tests are mostly checking that elements exist and have the appropriate classes / id's, so I'm yet to see how it works with positioning and styles being applied to the page. 

I'm also keen to use the css element locator - it's supposed to loads faster than finding elements with XPath.

If you're interested in Selenium, check out the proposed Stack Exchange site and give it an up vote. 

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