Thursday, April 7, 2011

Raven DB & ASP.NET MVC routing

I've experimented a little with Raven DB, and have done some integration with ASP.NET MVC 3 (cause it's so easy to get things started).

The first problem I came up against was the default way that RavenDB stores the object keys :
profiles / 3074 (Profiles)
This presents a problem when you want to work with the MVC routing, which uses the '/' symbol in the routing - {controller}/{action}/{id}.
public ActionResult Edit(string id)
MVC interprets this as wanting to send the id (id e.g. 3074) to the action (object e.g. profiles). Instead, we want to pass the whole string (profiles/3074) as the id to the controller action (Edit).

To start, we need to change the type of id to string, as it defaults to int. Secondly, we need to change the format of the object key - there are other ways of attacking this problem, but I found changing the default separator from '/' to '-', this happens when you initialize the document store shown below
var documentStore = new DocumentStore { Url = "http://localhost:8080/" };
documentStore.Conventions.IdentityPartsSeparator = "-";
We end up with documents in our store looking like this, and passing through to the correct controller!
profiles-6146 (Profiles)

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