Sunday, August 14, 2011

Starting on the wrong foot

I've just joined a new project as a team member - my role is to write software. I'm keen to start off with domain driven design, really connecting with the users that know the processes and understand why things happen. At the moment we're writing some code to test some of our ideas to make sure we've got the skills we think we do.

I do think that domain driven design will be tough, especially getting buy in from managers to take the time of their domain experts to work through how they work and how they think, but that's all yet to come - our business analyst has done some great work on gathering initial requirements, so I think people are ready for the discussion that will come soon.

One of the big surprises for me is the lack of 'project team' or culture that has been created. Now, I work as a 'resource' (how good does that make you feel?) underneath my manager who has been more involved in the planning phase, but now that I'm actually part of the team, surely there should be some feeling of being part of a team? Bas de Baar of Project Shrink has quite a lot of articles about the culture in projects - well worth your time to have a look at. So I'm wondering what to do about this. It's got me quite frustrated over the last few weeks, especially as having tough conversations is made harder if you don't have a basis to work from.

My current plan is to organise a lunch outing, it'll at least be a start. I'd also be keen to go lawn bowling, but I'm not sure if anyone else would be keen, so it might not be so much of a winner for team culture.

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