Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Google Wave

We just used Google Wave at work today, tried to get a bit of collaboration going. It was my first time giving it a go, and I think the concept is pretty good. We've got a SharePoint site up for our project, but that doesn't really allow for real-time conversations. We're trying to get a feel the gaps in our project, so we can follow them up later.

I like the idea of post it notes and a whiteboard, but Wave keeps all the conversations in one spot, although I'm not sure if technology actually takes away from the collaboration process at this point - especially when we're all in a room together.

How do you collaborate? Have you given Wave a go?


  1. Keep us up to date with this. Very interested to know how it goes.

  2. any consideration as to what you'll do once Wave is fully shut down? AFAIK, Apache has taken it as an open source project, which could mean being able to integrate it into a LAMP server, in which case, it would make a great collaboration tool across our partner countries.