Saturday, June 5, 2010

Work, life and distractions all about

I read a great blog the other day that my colleague sent to me - all about the reasons for working, particularly on a shared project - check it out at coding horror, but in particular the reasons that drive you to do good work, and keep on going at getting better.

Then, this morning I watched this video:

3 Barriers To Help Block Consumerism from Adam Baker on Vimeo.

Along with a pay review at work, it all got me thinking about why we go to work. Thankfully I live in a country where there's good employment, and I can choose what sort of work I do, but we have an endless array of stuff that we can keep searching for. I get paid fairly for the work I do, but there is always more to spend it on, which makes me think that I'm getting ripped off.

How hard it is to be content, and to be thankful for the many good things I've got at the moment! How do you go at being content with what you've got? What do you find satisfaction in?

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